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$59 500 mg cbd

“Go Big or Go Home!”

Our new and improved 500mg!

Many of you have been an asking for an increase in strength of the 250mg tincture and we are excited to deliver this to you in a BIG way.

Just like the 250mg, this oil features a medium-chain-tryglyceride base popularly known as (MCT Oil) making this the most efficient way for your pet to digest CBD.

MCT is a purified and healthy fatty acid (similar to Omega 3-6) derived from Coconut.

This product features the most ketogenic oil known as Caprylic Acid (C8) reffering to the amount of carbon chains attached to the molecule.

Ok, Bill Nye, so what does this mean?

Well this means your pet is getting VIP (first class) service in their digestive system by this oil bypassing the digestive tract and going straight to the liver to have these MCT’s being broken down into ketone bodies.

Ketones are extremely valuable and usually are only produced by the body from cutting back on Carbohydrates or exercising relentlessly.

MCT Oil raises you and your pets ketone levels in minutes, providing a jolt of sustainable energy to the brain that enhances cognitive function and allows you to absorb essential nutrients with ease.

Combine this with Organic CBD Oil sourced from rich Hemp plants in the fertile soils of Oregon, and you’ve got a dynamic duo like no other.

As the CBD and MCT compounds come together in harmony, your best friend is sure to want to take on at least 2 yoga classes a day, say namaste every other sentence, and demand you download the Calm meditation app to join them before bed (we couldn’t fit all these warnings on the label).

So give your best friendĀ a shot at this amazing natural holistic remedy and see what Zen Dogs & Cool Cats can do for you!

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