juna nightcap sleep drops

$98 750 mg cbd

our antioxidant and phyto-cannabinoid rich nightcap hemp oil relaxes the mind and body to help ease into your most restorative sleep. 

nightcap is naturally high in the terpenes myrcene (known to impart a deep sense of relaxation) and nerolidol  (believed to have sedating effects).

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about juna

founder jewel zimmer's background as a fine-dining pastry chef and certified sommelier in san francisco informs her ingredient-focused approach to plant alchemy. juna is a hemp collection crafted to optimize pleasure - physically, spiritually, amd gastonomically. they source single-origin flowers from boutique farms and meticulously extract their full spectrum of beneficial activities and flavors. ideal for both daily therapeutic use and entertaining, juna creates an atmosphere, a state of mind - a sense of well-being and savoir-faire.

Juna Owner

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