B. Chill Honey Sticks – 5 pack of sticks

$22 100 mg

Upgrade your relaxation ritual.
Chilling out has never been sweeter—or more portable—thanks to this soothing blend of raw honey and hemp extract. Whether you’re trying to find a blissful breath of calm during a stressful day or catch some quality Zzzs, B.Chill Honey Sticks are the perfectly portioned doses of zen your ritual has been missing.
Each blissful B.Chill Honey Stick contains 20mg of hemp extract. Made with USA-grown hemp, our honey sticks are non-psychoactive and contain 0% THC, meaning you get all the chill with none of the trip. Available as single sticks, 5 stick packs, or 10 stick packs, so you can always have a tasty stash of zen on hand.
B.Chill is formulated with a special MCT emulsion to naturally maximize bio availability and absorption. This ensures that our powerful hemp extract is evenly dispersed throughout our raw honey, meaning you get to enjoy a consistent dose of chill in each spoonful.

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about bee keeper’s naturals

ceo & founder

carly's story

for carly it all started with a semester abroad in europe. four months of sightseeing and wine drinking finally caught up with her in florence, where her tonsils ballooned to the size of a meatball. facing the prospect of cutting her trip short for surgery, she desperately searched for a less extreme solution.

with her chipmunk cheeks filled with gelato (her stop-gap remedy of choice) she stumbled across an italian pharmacy full of wonderful bee products. she somehow managed—between her swollen mouth and broken italian—to communicate her symptoms to the pharmacist, and he suggested propolis. skeptical, but willing to try anything, carly forked over €7 and squeezed a few drops. within days, her tonsillitis was in retreat and she was taking in the art at the uffizi gallery.

after a wonderful propolis-fuelled trip carly said ‘au revoir’ to europe and returned home to finish her final year of university. but within a few months carly’s tonsils flared up again and surgery was looking unavoidable. this time she knew what she needed. unable to find bee propolis on the shelves of her local health food stores and pharmacies, carly had to dig deep to find her secret weapon. she sought out a local beekeeper to learn more about everything bees and beekeeping and what the bees have to offer.

this little expedition sparked a passion. two years later with her tonsils intact, carly is running beekeeper’s naturals and hopes to share propolis and all of its benefits with north america. our first product is—you guessed i —a propolis spray, created with students, professionals, parents and anyone with a busy lifestyle in mind.

carly is also a tireless advocate for the preservation of the waning global bee population and, through beekeepers, supports the protection of hives across north america. her mission is to improve the health of bees and humans alike.

word from our founder

beekeeper's naturals

i’ve always liked natural things—like bees and hiking and getting lost in nature. and i like my foods and health remedies without chemicals. but a few years ago i encountered a dilemma: where do i find natural health products that actually work?

that’s why i founded beekeeper’s naturals. i wasn’t planning on starting a company—i was simply looking for a natural wellness product that delivered. i was done wasting my money on trendy yet disappointingly ineffective healing elixirs and green powders. and i was frustrated with over-the- counter immune boosters that temporarily masked my symptoms, but never addressed the root of my problems. i wanted a product that fused science and nature in creating a pure and effective
wellness remedy that really made a difference.

at bkn we love science – we use science to formulate and test our products obsessively. but we also know that bees are the real superstars. so we turn to the superfoods of the hive—raw honey, royal jelly, propolis, and bee pollen—to scientifically formulate potent wellness products that you’ll actually love. and, as part of our mission, we do everything in our power to save the bees while we’re at it.

bee products are simple. they’re natural. and they work. at bkn, we are dedicated to sharing more of that bee magic with you so you can keep living your best buzzing life!

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